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Welcome To The World of Head Start

Head Start is a Federally funded child development program that provides free social and educational opportunities for income eligible children from ages 0-5, including children with special needs and pregnant women. The program is designed to prepare eligible children with essential skills needed to enter the public school system.

CCAP Staff Passionate About Service

Each member of the CCAP staff is passionate and dedicated to the vital role they play in our mission of service. Many of them are advocates in their circles for the work the agency undertakes on a daily basis to improve the lives of so many in the communities we serve.

Some go above and beyond, volunteering during their free time for CCAP programs and services. Nakita Bellamy is one such example.

Bellamy is family advocate supervisor with CCAP’s Head Start program. This year, she also served as a volunteer income tax preparer with the CCCS VITA Site.

Nakita Bellamy In Her Own Words

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